Gallery of Calochortus

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Botanical Sections:
Section Calochortus
Pulchelli-Fairy Lanterns
Eleganti-Cat's Ears
Nudi-Star Tulips
Nitidi-Meadow Tulips

Section Mariposa
Venusti I
Venusti II
Macrocarpi-Sagebrush Mariposas
Nuttalliani-Sego Lillies
Gunnisoniani-Rocky Mtn. Mariposas

Section Cyclobothra
Weediani-Chapparal Cyclobothras
Ghiesbreghtiani-Mexican Cat's Ears
Barbati-Bearded Cyclobothras

We hope that you enjoy our Gallery of Calochortus. Calochorti are a family of bulbous perennial plants with beautiful flowers.

The site is organized botanically, so the three main sections or genera appear to the left. Below these are the subsections delineated by botanists, especially Dr. Marion Ownbey, whose work on Calochortus is considered standard. However, there are some new species discovered since his time and photos of these have also been included. Click on the subsection and different photos will be available. These include several different shots of each species, often including a habitat shot. You can then click on the individual photo and it will enlarge for viewing. The site was created from photos and slides of all of the species of Calochortus (except two that have proved elusive!) Most were taken in the wild; a few from bulbs collected in the wild. All photographs are by Dr. Hugh P. McDonald, except where the name of another photographer appears in parentheses.

If you enjoy the pictures as much as we do, perhaps you will consider making a contribution to our fund for preservation. Follow the 'Conservation' link above to find out how.